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The First WAFL Game

The First WAFL game (WAFA as it was then) was played at The Esplanade in the City between Rovers and Victorians on Saturday 6th June 1885. Although goals and behinds were tallied, only goals counted until 1898, so although the final score was Rovers 1.6 to Victorians 0.6 the final score was actually: Rovers 1 def Victorians Nil. The first goalscorer in the WAFL: Percival Hussey.

Find this: Seasons > 1885 > Scores, Results and Ladders > Round 1 > Rovers v Victorians [Game Stats]

The League Ladder prior to 1898

As well as only counting goals and ignoring behinds, teams were awarded two points for a win and one point for a draw from 1885 to 1896 and teams on equal points were separted by goal difference rather than percentage. In 1897 teams were give four points for a win and two for a draw, but with a plethora of draws, the league decided to adopt the 'Victorian' method of scoring and began including behinds in 1898.

Find this: Ladders > Final Ladders by Season > Select "1897" from the Drop Down menu

Chris Judd

Young Eagle Chris Judd played just one game of WAFL before becoming an AFL superstar. It was in round 1, 2002 where he kicked 4 goals for East Perth against West Perth at Leederville Oval.

Find this: Seasons > 2002 > Scores, Results and Ladders > Round 1 > East Perth v West Perth [Game Stats] > Player Statistics

All 9 ladder positions in one season

After a big win in Round 1, 2014 Perth found themselves on top of the ladder for the first time since the corresponding fixture of 2008. Over the next 22 rounds of football the Demons occupied all nine spots on the WAFL league ladder. No team had ever managed this feet before. Their ladder positions after each round were 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 6, 4, 5, 6, 6, 7, 6, 7, 7, 7, 8, 8, 8, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9.

Find this: Seasons > 2014 > Ladder Position Table

Highest Ever Score

The highest score is 41.30 (276) by East Perth vs South Fremantle. It was scored during the 'under-age' competition held during the second world war. The highest score in 'open' competition is held by South Fremantle, when they scored 40.18 (258) vs West Perth in round 21, 1981.

Find this: Teams > All Teams > Scores > Highest Scores

Lowest Ever Score

The lowest ever score is 0.0 (0) scored by Subiaco against South Fremantle in round 14, 1906. The score is also officially record by Peel Thunder against Claremont in round 1, 2004 but the Thunder actually scored 10.11 (71) but had their entire score wiped for playing an unregistered player.

Find this: Teams > All Teams > Scores > Lowest Scores

Subiaco Oval

Round 1, 2015 saw the return of home and away football to Subiaco Oval after an absence of 6 years. The previous home and away game played at Subiaco Oval was in round 8, 2008 in a special game to mark 100 years of football at the ground between Subiaco and East Perth. Prior to that game round 22, 2003 was the last game played during the home and away season at Subiaco Oval.

Find this: Venues > Subiaco Oval > All Games Played > Game by Game

Duggan Anderson

Swan Districts player Duggan Anderson, who lost four fingers from his left hand in a sawmill accident in 1947, played a total of 210 games for Swans from 1945 to 1956 during that time he played just 1 final, the 1st Semi final loss to South Fremantle in 1945.

Find this: Teams > Swan Districts > Player Statistics > All Players > ANDERSON, Douglas David (Duggan) > Game by Game

Find this: Players > All Players > Select "A" from the Drop Down menu > ANDERSON, Douglas David (Duggan) > Game by Game

Most goals in a home and away season

Subiaco's Austin Robertson holds the record for the most goals kicked in a season - 157 goals in 1968

Find this: Players > Player Records > Home & Away Season Records > Most Goals

Ladder Positions

Up to the completion of the 2016 season, East Fremantle have held top spot on the ladder a record 536 times, East Perth is next with 397 whilst Peel Thunder have never held top spot on the ladder at any stage over the course of their history despite being premiers in 2016.

Find this: Ladders > Ladder Position Table

Most points by a team in a season

Only twice has a team scored more than 3000pts in a home and away season and it happened in the same year 1981 by Claremont 3352 & Swans 3035.

Find this: Seasons > All Seasons > Most Points For > Home & Away Season

Won all four quarters in a round 1 game

From 1898 to the start of the 2017 season a team has won all four quarters of a game in round 1, 69 times. Most recently by Subiaco vs Claremont and Swan Districts vs Perth in 2015.

Find this: Rounds > 1 > Quarter & Half Records > Won All 4 Quarters > Select "All Teams" from the Drop Down menu

Biggest Winning Margin in 2016

There was no 100 plus margins in 2016, the biggest wins were 99 points by Subiaco vs East Perth and by Claremont vs East Fremantle.

Find this: Seasons > 2016 > Margin Records > Select "All Teams" from the Drop Down menu > Biggest Margins)

Perth's Draws

Perth have drawn 12 games, their last 7 draws coming since 1944 have been against WP,WP,SD,SD,WP,WP, and SD.

Find this: Teams > Perth > Margins > Select "All Teams" from the Drop Down menu > Draws

Biggest Home & Away Attendances since 1995

As expected the Fremantle derbies have accounted for 13 of the biggest 15 crowds at a home and away game since 1995, with the biggest being 11,051 in round 10, 2009. Somewhat surprisingly the biggest non-derby crowd since 1995 was 7,812 who watched the one off game at the Showgrounds in 2005 between Claremont and West Perth.

Find this: Teams > All Teams > Attendance Records > Since 1995 - Highest Home & Away Attendances

South Fremantle vs East Fremantle

The first derby between South and East Fremantle was in round 1 1900 which was won by East Fremantle. The 'Old East's went on to win 16 of the first 18 derbies.

Find this: Teams > South Fremantle > All Games Played - By Opponent > Select "East Fremantle" from the Drop Down menu

Peel Thunder in Round 1

Up to the start of the 2017 season Peel Thunder had played 16 round 1 matches winning just two of them, in 2001 vs Swan Districts and in 2006 vs Perth.

Find this: Teams > Peel Thunder > All Games Played > By Round > Select "Round 1" from the Drop Down menu

Most consecutive wins at a venue

East Fremantle hold the record for most wins at a venue, winning 28 games in succession at Fremantle Oval from round 1, 1933 to round 8, 1935.

Find this: All Teams > Streaks & Sequences > Most Consecutive Wins at a Venue

Longest Winning Streak for West Perth vs East Fremantle

West Perth defeated East Fremantle the first seven times they met from 1898 to 1899 this streak remains the longest winning streak in history for West Perth against East Fremantle.

Find this: Teams > West Perth > Streaks > By Opponent - Winning Streaks > Select "East Fremantle" from the Drop Down menu

Wins after trailing at three quarter time in 2016

In 96 games in 2016 the team trailing at the end of the third quarter won just eight times, four off those victories were against Claremont.

Find this: Seasons > 2016 > Quarters & Half Records > Third Quarters > Select "All Teams" from the Drop Down menu > Win/Loss Records With Third Quarter Lead

Accurate Goalkicking

The most accurate team over a home and away season in terms of goalkicking accuracy was Claremont in 2010 with 64.37%. They kicked 392.217 from 609 scoring shots. The top five most accurate home and away seasons have all come since 2004 with the Tigers occupying three of the top five spots and Subiaco the other two.

Find this: Seasons > All Seasons > Highest Goal Accuracy For > Home & Away (Since 1898)

Most Common Score at Fremantle Oval

The most common final score at Fremantle Oval is 84 points. This score has occurred on 47 different occasions.

Find this: Venues > Fremantle Oval > Distribution Charts > Score Distribution - Hover over the highest column in th chart to see the score and number of occurances.

300 Game Players

There has been a total of six players to have played more than 300 official WAFL games with West Perth's Mel Whinnen playing the most - 371.

Find this: Players > Player Records > Career Records > Most Games Played (Click link to See All Players with 200+ Games)

Non-WAFL games

Although not offically WAFL league games, games played in the 1967 night series, 1976 - 1985 National Competitions and the 2011 - 2014 Foxtel Cup count in players games tallies as WAFL games, therefore they are included in WAFL FootyFacts. The game stats are separated from the main WAFL stats and records but the games tallies for all players participating in these games are included. A total of 97 games have been played in these separate competitions.

Find this: Teams > All Teams > All Games Played > Other Non-WAFL Game

Swan Districts Honour Board

A common reference in clubs annual reports is the Honour Board. WAFL FootyFacts has replicate these boards for each club - without the leading goalkickers before 1929 as my data is incomplete prior to 1929.

Find this: Teams > Swan Districts > Honour Board

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