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What is WAFL FootyFacts?

WAFL FootyFacts provides all WAFL football fans, football fanatics and statistics lovers the most comprehensive range of player data, match results and records available anywhere on the Western Australian Football League (WAFL) and it's still growing.

Although every attempt has been made to have accurate data on this website, I make no claim of 100% accuracy with any data on this website. I am not the WAFL, nor have any connection to them. As such, information on this site should be considered unofficial.

What can be found on WAFL FootyFacts?

Match Results for every WAFL game ever played, from the very first game in 1885 to the present day including full quarter by quarter scores for all but 9 games since 1898. See the missing data page for games where quarter by quarter scores are missing.

Final Scores for every WAFL Reserves, Colts and Fourths game.

Scores for every non-WAFL game that counts towards official WAFL game tallies, such as the 1967 Night Series which was a knockout competition played between the four sides that didn't make the finals, through to the National Football competitions from the 1976 Wills Cup to the 1985 Escort Cup and the more recent Foxtel Cup. Team lists are provided for all WAFL teams for all of these games.

Scores for every official WA state game (not 2nd XVIII games or games against the Goldfields or VFL/SANFL sides), including full team lists and goal scorers for WA.

Every player for every game is included for Claremont, Swan Districts, Peel Thunder and West Coast (WAFL) and for all teams for 1906, 1926-1942 and from 1947. Player stats including kicks, marks, handballs etc are included for 1968, part of 1969, most of 1974 and 1975, 1983-1987 and from 2006 onwards, plus for Swan Districts from 1997-2005 and random games/players where available.

Either complete or partial career records for over 9500 WAFL league footballers.

Goal scorers for all games for 1906 and from 1926 - with exclusion of some games in 1942 (Some other games before 1926 are included too) to the present day. See the missing data page for games where goal scorers are missing.

A massive database of League, team, player, venue, season, round and ladder records can be found for hundreds of different stats. Reduced stats available for Reserves, League, Colts, Fourths and State games are also available.

If you're familiar with the excellent AFL Tables website, this is the WAFL equivalent and the only other similar such site for Australian Rules Football.

Please use the Search icon on the header to locate any stat on the site.

Each Football Budget from the current season is available for you to download and read.

During the season you'll find exclusive statistical match previews and a link to the biggest and best WAFL footy tipping competition.

You can even test your WAFL knowledge by completing one of many fun WAFL quizzes..

I have received numerous emails from ex-players, family members of ex-players and WAFL fans in general. Feedback certainly makes all the time and effort I spend on this site well worth it. You can see some of my feedback on my Testimonials page. Feel free to leave feedback via Facebook, Twitter or email by using the contact details on the site.

Check the home page, Site Update page and follow on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date with the latest on WAFL FootyFacts.


Although the website has been created by myself, a devoted Swan Districts fan, I have been grateful for the contributions of the following people...

  • The WAFC / WAFL for supporting this project and providing generous prizes for my annual footy tipping competition.
  • Steve Davies and Greg Wardell-Johnson, chief WAFL historians, in providing an enormous amount of assistance with the player data and match scores and keeping me up to date with any corrections required.
  • John Truslove for providing the goalscorers from 1929 to 2012.
  • Brad Willey who provided the player records for Swan Districts, Football Budgets and Westside Football scans.
  • Barry Butterworth who provided the player records for Claremont from 1926-1964 and assisted in identifying a small number of incorrect match scores.
  • Stephen Wade who provided a larger number of date of births along with some auditing of the date's I've added.
  • Eric Sorensen from FootyWorks for providing the Football Statistics software which is used to generate game predictions.
  • Alex Williams for his awesome footy tipping website I use at FaceYourFears
  • Tristan Merlehan for supporting my footy tipping competitions by providing cash prizes thanks to TopSport
  • And finally to my Dad, Pampa and Uncle George for introducing me to the WAFL and Swan Districts back in 1980, and my wife and family for being understanding of all the time I have spent and continue to spend working on the site.

  • Sudi Varadarajan for assisting in creation of the website.

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  • wafl.com.au
  • trove.nla.gov.au
  • Football Budgets
  • Football Registers
  • Who's Who in WA Football
  • Newspapers - Westside Football, The West Australian, Sunday Times, Football Review, Daily News, Sunday Independent
  • Club websites and annual reports